Our mission

PRIMECOOLER Company is the world's leading manufacturer in the cooling and accessories section already many years. The company aim is to satisfy the customers' needs maximally and meet their demanding requirements. The production capacities were gradually expanded to further lines, such as coolers, PC chassis and more production lines and capacities are prepared.

PRIMECOOLER Company aims to provide complete customers' care starting with first contact up to realization of customers' requirements. PRIMECOOLER maintains first-rate quality while using the latest technologies for maximum product reliability while maintaining very attractive prices.

In our production cycle we concentrate mainly on these steps:

  • Structural design of effective cooling means
  • Cooperation with major material producers
  • Input material control
  • Preparation of precise semi-finished products and moulds
  • Quality electronics
  • Output product control
  • Loading tests
  • Dust-free production environment
  • Production meeting strict ecological standards

Dust-free production environment

Output product control

Warehouse area

Production means and environment

PRIMECOOLER Company operates several specialized production factories with the latest production lines at highest technological level. PRIMECOOLER specialty is own developmental team, whose aim is to follow latest technologies and to apply them in PRIMECOOLER products. Thanks to own developmental team, where are developed, tested and for manufacturing prepared new innovative cooling methods, PRIMECOOLER is worldwide leader in many technological fields.


PRIMECOOLER Company is primarily manufacturing company and with our products you can meet under many well-known brands. Just the customers influence final product appearance - starting from used technologies, materials, up to packaging. Used production methods guarantee unvarying product quality and reduce allowance of production faults at minimum. In case of customers┬┤ needs we are able to adjust the manufacturing process to specific requirements such as production based on strict regulations, fulfillment of local ecological standards or special requirements on working environment (air industry, health...)


In production plants is ready automated manufacturing with sufficient capacity for immediate production launching. There is over 35,000m2 of stocking area at our disposal, where the shipments are stored according to requirements of our customers and regional distributors. The production is always planned in cooperation with forwarding companies to ensure the customer from any world part gets his required product in agreed time and desired quality. The products are packed according to customers' demands and with respect for safe shipping. The most required products keep regional distributors for immediate delivery for each country.

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