Production of Coolers

PRIMECOOLER is leading world cooler manufacturer both for computers and industry. Developmental team assures quality technical solution of standard and specific cooling systems. In the computer field namely produces CPU and component (hard drives, VGA cards) cooling. In the mobile computer field PRIMECOOLER cooperates with big computer and electronic product manufacturers (e.g. set-top-boxes, audio and video systems, car computers, RAID systems) and assures cooling solution development and manufacturing. Chosen products PRIMECOOLER launches under its own brand.

Examples of the most common products are available in section Products - Coolers.

Cooling types
- Chipset cooling (CPUs, VGA cards, mobile technology, controlling devices)
- Memory module cooling (HDDs, memory chipsets, disk fields)
- Closed system and special application cooling (water cooling, thermoelectric cooling)

Used materials and precise efficiency control for each cooling solution enables to PRIMECOOLER coolers achieve optimal price/performance ratio. High efficiency cooling is supported by using PRIMECOOLER fans for active coolers.

Coolers can be assembled by regulation and monitoring parts that help to achieve optimal cooling efficiency in solutions with variable cooling demands.
Regulation types: manual, automatic (temperature sensors), predictive.

The material choice is an important aspect for cooling efficiency evaluation. Commonly used materials are aluminum in mixture with copper and silver. Thanks to experience with cooling system solution, we prepare optimal material ration for our products to achieve high cooling performance and efficient thermal emit. Special surface finishing with respect to cooler design (polishing, nickel-plating, coloring) are made for retail segment.

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