Production of Chassis

PRIMECOOLER covers wide range of chassis of all common standards according to customers' requirements. This sector is rapidly expanding and new models with respect to the latest manufacturing trends are produced. The newest knowledge from fields of motherboards, power and cooling systems are developing process included. This all is adjusted for easy and effective usage.

PRIMECOOLER produces not only its own brand name products, but is OEM solution manufacturer for many big PC manufacturers, significant regional assemblers, electronic industry ( e.g. set-top-boxes, audio and video systems, car PCs, RAIDs). PRIMECOOLER guarantees also development and manufacturing of solution for controlling units in technological operations (such as. CNC machines, automatic run).

Examples of the most common products are available in section Products - Chassis.

Supported standards
Motherboards - microATX, Mini-ATX, Mini-ITX, Nano-ITX, Pico-ITX, DTX, Mini-DTX and more.
Power supplies - ATX, microATX, SFX, TFX and more.

Displays, regulation and temperature sensors
Chassis include manual or digital systems starting from simple control of cooling systems and leading up to visual monitoring of temperature, fan speed, operation of individual devices and failure diagnostics.

Basement of each case solution is optimal air flow. Places for active cooling parts (fans, airducts,…) are ready according to the type of usage or the case body is fully adjusted to passive cooling. The case is ready for more supporting cooling systems such as HDD or water cooling.

All construction parts are designed to achieve optimal operation conditions of all installed components with emphasis on system stability and lifetime.

Possible integration of audio systems (amplifiers, speakers), visual display units (classic/ touch LCD displays and screens), remote control (radio, infrared, Bluetooth).

Chasses are equipped with standard connectors (USB 2.0/3.0, eSATA, FireWire, microphone, headsets). Contact surface material used is nickel or gold. Special system chassis are retrofitted with additional connectors (HDMI, HDD/SSD docking station etc.).

Material, Colors
All materials are chosen and used with respect for customers´ basic and specific requirements for particular case, such as firmness, noise, temperature conductivity and design. Basic material combination is aluminum, plastic, SGCC/SECC. Final component processing is done with strict emphasis on save assembly handling. During surface finishing we pay attention to easy maintenance, surface durability, color stability and attractiveness. The color range is not limited by the material used and extra design modifications (skins, airbrush) are made according to customer's design.

Modding, Tuning
The cases are constructed with respect to additional visual modifications from the customer's side. Some product lines include visual tuning parts already (mesh parts, designed guards, special lighting) and are ready for other similar gadgets installation. During gaming case preparation we cooperate with gamers and project their requirements and experience to our design.

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