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In the tab below choose the desired specification of you fan, such as power needed, size required, material, bearing type, the accessories and extra features. Finally you will get a model number, that might fit your needs best and you will also get a recommendation about the standard models, that might be also suitable for your application or device.

For product code generation, please choose specification in all 8 sections.

01 Power

At the first stage you need to choose the power required for your fan. Our models offer the scale for all standards from 5V up to 230V.

02 Dimension | Depth

Choose from the smallest 20 mm to the biggest 250 mm fan. Small fans can be applied to various application such as PC hubs cooling, as supporting fans in various devices, the biggest are made for use in industrial applications, car industry etc.


Choose the required depth of the fan. We offer various depth for each size for fitting exactly the space that customer needs. Low profile can be applied to slim application; on the other hand fans with higher depth have higher airflow.

03 Speed

Choose the required fan speed rotation.
Extra Low – Extremely low fan speed rotation for super silent operation.
Low - Option with reduced fan speed rotation for noise elimination.
Middle - fan speed rotation optimalized for standard ratio of power and silence.
High – Fan speed increased to achieve higher fan performance.
Extra High – Extremely high fan speed rotation for demanding applications.

04 Material | Color | LED

Fan can be made of plastic or aluminium. Standard fans use plastic material. Basically the aluminium material is used for fans where durability and light weight is needed, also for lighting fans, where the design of aluminium emphasizes the LED lights. Aluminium fans are mainly used for size 80 mm and up and for 115V+.


Naturaly the most common color manufactured is black. Transparent plastic is used for lighting mostly for lighting fans, UV painting is made for overclockers and gamers, LED fans are used for window chassis or similar applications.


Here You can choose among several colors of LEDs fitting the style of Your device.

05 Bearing

Sleeve/Rifle - Low cost bearing with silent operation at low speed.
1 Ball - The bearings do not suffer orientation limitation and is durable at high temperatures.
2 Ball - 2 ball bearings are used for extra durability and quite operation at high speed.
FDB Hydro - Silent operation with life time comparable to ball bearings. Limited risk with oil leak.
Nano - Silent operation bearing with long lifetime suitable also for often starting and stopping operation.

06 Cable | Connector

Choose for the required cable length. For standard PC fans, the mainly manufactured and supplied length is 30 cm. But there can be need for shorter version mainly for small fans, for devices where the space is limited. For special application we can supply the fan without the cable also.


Choose for the required connector that connects the fan to customer's application. You can choose the most common 3 pin cable, 4 pin Molex cable, 2 pin connector often needed eg. for VGA card connection or 4 pin PWM connector. For Your use we can supply the fan without any connector.

07 Extras

Standard fans are supplied without RPM controller but if needed, you can choose manual or automatic control of RPM. The automatic version is made using the temperature sensor.

08 Accessories

Metal screws - You can choose if you want to add to fan the set of 4 pcs of metal screws that are fitting your chosen fan.
Rubber pads - For preventing the useless vibration, you can add to your fan package set of 4 pcs rubber pads for screws.


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