About us

PRIMECOOLER was established in 1998 and considered a well-known manufacturer, CPU coolers, cooling fans, cooling compounds, fan filters and fan guards and other IT related products, PC cases and peripherals. PRIMECOOLER welcomes OEM/ODM customers. Its' strategy is to accomplish a comprehensive line of high quality coolers, affordable prices and stable production.


At PRIMECOOLER, we believe in building communication through information sharing and are committed to providing the best quality products. We are flexible and are able to meet fast changing market demands. PRIMECOOLER reputation is built on customer satisfaction, and the company is committed to developing production of superior quality, with fast delivery and personalized services. High-quality, modern design and excellent service are the image is what PRIMECOOLER brings to its customers:

  • product performance,
  • products meeting the international standard,
  • continuous quality control,
  • customer requirements fulfillment,
  • delivery, safety and service.

By keeping abreast of new technology, while remaining willing to innovate, PRIMECOOLER is continually improving its knowledge of the industry, which ultimately assures customers of a competitive advantage and a leading position in the cooling devices industry and together with their Asia manufacturer in Hong Kong as well as in China.

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